Replicating my cousins flight!

Hello everyone

Long time no see huh

Just about an hour ago, my cousin landed in Vilnius to come and visit me for Christmas and New Year! She flew from Lafayette, LA to Houston, TX with United’s E175. Then she took the Lufthansa A330 to Frankfurt where she had about an hour to change planes and went on board Lufthansa’s A321 to Vilnius which is what this topic is about. So enjoy the little re-creation of this flight that I attempted.

The minimod scarer

Flight time: 1:41h
Aircraft: LH A321

At Gate A11, the exact gate she departed from!

Seat 5A, the best seat in the plane. Rolling on Runway 18!

Bye bye, Frankfurt!

Reached our cruising altitude, FL350, the same flight level was achieved on the real flight!

Descending to Vilnius and entering the lithuanian airspace!

Turning final for Runway 01. The best runway here.

I think I see my house

Butter! Welcome to Vilnius!

Off the runway, taxiing to Gate A06 or Gate 46

Parked and shut off the engines! About to de-board.

This is my last post this year

And because of that, I want to wish everyone Merry Christmas, happy Christmas Eve and happy New Year!

(none of these photos are edited

Happy holidays from Justas (yes I shared my irl first name) and Amy (my cousin)!


Also here is the flight irl:


Beautiful gest here! Wish you a very happy Xmas!

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I hope she had a good trip, merry christmas to you and your family.

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Merry Christmas Justas and Amy! Nice pictures! Hope she had a safe flight over!

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That sounds like a fun itinerary. Hope your cousin had a great flight! Merry Christmas!

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Good cousin gesture. Merry Christmas!

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