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This topic is covering a problem with camera views on replays after this new update.

I experienced a problem with only having FREE and ATC camera views on my latest replay after updatingthe app.

In my attempts to troubleshoot it myself I uninstalled and reinstalled the app (ON ANDROID DEVICE) and come to find that all my replays deleted when I uninstalled the app.

So far this is the only thing I’ve come across with this update. If you are having the same problem then leave a reply down below for support to track.



Are you on cellular? If so, make sure you have the box checked in the settings allowing the app to download aircraft on cellular.

Being stuck in this camera view usually means the models necessary to run the replay have not been downloaded, hence it can’t display the replay properly.

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It may or may not have been checked, I thought it was but I have no way of seeing if it works because when I uninstalled the app it deleted all files associated with it(replays) so when I reinstalled it all my settings where back to standard and all my replays were gone

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Spawn into any busy place and recheck the replay from that time then. That should tell whether or not it’s better :)

Had the same problem… I did uninstall the app and reinstall it again… Then I found that all my previous flights had been removed from the list😲

Replays are tied to the current install. If you uninstall you will lose all replays that have not been exported to a separate location.

I haven’t uninstalled the app yet since the new update arrived, yet I only have 3 replays available for viewing, the rest are not clickable

Did your pro subscription expire?

Haven’t gotten around to renewing yet
Is that the issue with my replays?

Yes. You only have access to the replays for your current subscription model. Which is just the free areas.


Why is that? The flight was done so all replays should be viewable wether you pay pro or not.

It has been this way since replays were first introduced.

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