Replays vanished

I uninstalled the app because it was taking a long time to load but now when I reinstalled it and linked my account, all my replays had gone. Can anyone help?

Replays get deleted if you delete the app because they’re saved locally. It’s advised you back them up before deleting. Since they weren’t backed up before you deleted the app, you won’t be able to get them back. Sorry!

Your replays are saved locally to your device I believe, so unless you have them backed up somewhere, unfortunately you can’t get them back.

This does unfortunately happen if you uninstall Infinite Flight. For the next time, be sure to save your replay files to your local cloud, before uninstalling.

In order to save your replay files, you must press “export file” in the replay section and send this to either iCloud, or copy this file to Google Drive. I had this issue last year and I hope this helps.

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