Replays showing longer duration in 22.2 than actual time in game?

Device iPad Pro 2017
Software iPadOS 15.3
Version 22.2(1649)

Has anyone else noticed since the 22.2 update that their replay files are showing close to an hour longer than the actual flight time? I just did a flight from Tampa to Chicago Midway, flight time 2:28, I was on the ground in Tampa for approx 14 mins and on the ground in chicago for approx 5 minutes which would make the total duration 2:47 however the duration shows 3:47 min in my replay section.

Here’s a screenshot of my replays

Here’s the actual replay file.

Sorry if I’m being an idiot here, but the math isn’t adding up for me lol. I think it might have something to do with the DST fix the devs just released with 22.2. If I missed something I also apologize.

Reported internally, thank you! I bet your total duration was actually 2:47 ;)


Someone forgot to add duration.Hours - 1 into the code.


Thanks! Here’s further proof that it’s broken lol.

Totally the solution there bud, you nailed it right on the money. Great job!

Just kidding

Yeah, about that… I don’t pay that much attention to the replay screen lol… and it’s late ;)

No worries! I was just hinting that the issue is an exact 1-hour difference.

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As long as the devs know this can be closed :) no further discussion needed.

This happened to me to but I did not take to much notice of it

Indeed it is. Thanks Luca.

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