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This topic is really a question about the amount of free working memory (RAM) we have on our (older) mobile devices, in relation to the stored Replays we carry. I was triggered by a reply on a thread in Support, where it was suggested that the Replays on our device take up memory, and thus can affect performance.

So my question to Developers and Support people is: do the Replays we carry on our mobile device take up memory while flying (or controlling), and is it wise to delete old Replays to ensure good performance?

While I don’t have a problem to report, I do think this post should be in Support. If a moderator thinks otherwise, feel free to move it.


I think this should be in #general. I don’t believe the number of replays affects the performance, but I generally delete unwanted replays in an effort to conserve storage space.

The amount of replays you have stored does not affect the RAM being used by the app in any way. It’s located in fix storage folders.

RAM is only used for currently running processes.


And during a flight, is the replay from the flight in progress being stored directly to the storage, or to RAM?

RAM is never used for storing things like that. Not in any world :)


RAM (Random Access Memory) is for storing files that need to be rapidly accessed, for example the aircraft model when you’re in game. That’s why devices with less ram have lower textures since they can’t store as big of a file. Anything that needs stored for a while (for example replays, or aircraft models not in use) are sent to the hard drive, or more commonly in mobile devices the SSD, (Solid State Drive). These have many gigabytes usually, and is the advertised storage of the device. How much storage is left there doesn’t really affect performance, but it can sometimes since things like terrain, and liveries will get stored when they are loaded. The flight files go straight to the main storage (SSD) to form the replay, which can later be replayed, no RAM involved. 😁

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