Replays of flights

Why are my replays taking so long to come on? I rebooted my tablet, I have WiFi and they take forever or they don’t come on at all, what’s going on??? I’m trying to replay older flights but they are on my replays in my logbook.

Hey! Your replays might be taking a while to load because of the following:

  • Your WiFi signal is poor
  • Your device is struggling to load it

Please note that if you previously deleted and reinstalled Infinite Flight, all of your replays you did before you deleted the app will be deleted.

I am not a technically expert so what I said above might be wrong.


Speaking of replays, I have a question too. On my solo replays, I get two copies of a flight. One is longer (the game has turned a one hour flight to 150 minutes) and is readily available to me, while one is locked from viewing but represents actual flight time.

I don’t know if I should create a new topic about this or just post this here while we’re talking about replays (I’m new to the community), but if I’m wrong, please tell me!

@whyevenbothernaming the first is the replay, the second is the logbook, which used to be a separate thing.

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I see. So, the first longer replay is the true replay, which represents real world time, while the second is the flight time and logbook.

Still, some flights only have one replay which seems to be a combination of the two (as in, it’s the short version but also accessible).

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You would want to create a new topic for an issue you have so others will see your feedback for having the same issue, just the way you saw mine.

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