Replay's Not Loading

My replays are not loading and I have tried all of the options possible to load them. Even the replays that I used to see I can’t see anymore. Is this an issue with anyone else?

Tap on the flight you want to replay and in the bottom right corner there should be a button that says replay

I have been dong that and when I do there is just a very long loading screen and then the app just crashes.

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Hello, someone else had something similar happen to them yesterday. I’m not sure if it’s at all related but it could be a bug that needs to be addressed. As said by Tunakmol in the thread linked, replays that never end up loading usually indicate a corrupt file meaning they won’t be able to be opened. However, it would be unlikely that all your replay files were corrupted which makes me think that it could just be a bug.

Are devs aware of this situation?

To be fair and not to nitpick here but it still also could be on your end. From a corrupt file to maybe your storage on your device is too full?

What device do you have and operating system?

What steps have you taken until now to try and correct this issue?

Not saying that nobody wants to help you, but a quick search here on the forum could also help answer some of your questions as there are previous topics created regarding this issue.

I have an Ipad 6th edition and the steps I have taken are restarting my device, clearing cache.

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