Replays not loading

I am trying to access a replay, because I need tonchexk something, but for one reason or another, it just won’t load up.

I backed up the relevant replay on my Google drive and uninstalled the game, hoping it would fix but I can wait 30 minutes and the replay won’t load.

Is there anything else I can do to fix this issue?

Try giving the replay time to load. How long is the replay? Try deleting some previous replays to free up some space.

If you have many replays stored, you should delete your older ones to free up space and operating power. The sim won’t have to pull up every file

@Raze, @Errigal, the OP has already reinstalled his game hence there are no more replays to delete in the first place.

@AZ001 can you confirm you’re trying to open the replay in the game itself?

If it doesn’t load at all, it’s likely that the replay got corrupted and hence, unfortunately, cannot be opened.

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There might not be any solution to this if such is the case

The replay is 9h 58 min long. And there are only 6 replays stored on the device

I would just give it some time to load, otherwise, I believe the replay is not accessable.

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Can you please share the replay and we can see if we can load it? Others have reported this but I need just one replay to try it.

Hello Chris. Sorry to chip in to other’s thread but I experience the same thing as OP.

Link to my replay file

Version details
Samsung Galaxy A51
IF Version 20.02.01(994)
Android 10, Kernel Version 4.14.113, last updated 05/Nov/2020

At the same time, my phone crashed like 4 hours to thiz flight, but I cannot confirm since the replay may be corrupted.

Hope this helps :)

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Can you try opening a different replay? The file might be corrupted

Thanks. What about a replay that is not loading from a successful flight?

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