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So I’ve just completed a 3h30min flight from FNLU to Fact and my replay is not loading completely (gets stuck at 24%).

In fact, 3 out of 5 of my flights from yesterday to today are not loading. I’ve attached some screenshots for you to see (stuck at 51% and 34%). I searched the forum for other similar issues and tried the suggestions i.e.clear cache, restart the phone, export/re-import the replay etc but all doesn’t work. And oh yes, I have a pro subscription. I wasn’t disconnected from the live server during these flights so I’m left scratching my head on how to fix this.

What could be the issue and how to fix this?

Hey. It seems as your replay may be corrupt and/or you don’t have a stable internet connection and it can’t load. You can try restarting your modem or router as well as performing a soft reset on the device and see if that solves it.

Hi… Since this has happened 3/5 of my last flights I’ve been actively monitoring my Internet connection to make sure I’m not being disconnected from the server (in case that’s the cause) and I can assure you I’m not. So how else are the replay files getting corrupted?

When I refer to the internet connection, I am referring to your connection at the moment. Even though you may have been connected to the server throughout the entire flight, you can’t access the replay without connection. If you don’t believe that is the case, please check out the following link where schyllberg (intentionally didn’t tag him) discusses what happens.

Yeah I am connected to the Internet at the moment but still not loading :(

I’ve read this response from @schyllberg. Any idea on the possible reasons causing this so I can try and mitigate this issue moving forward?

Unfortunately I cannot give you a straight answer about that. I am not part of the dev team so I don’t know the inner working of their code. If I had to take a guess I would say that some sort of disruption between the server occurs, but please don’t take my word for that as I honestly don’t know. You can wait for the mods or staff to come by and help you further, however it seems to be something they’re aware of and are addressing.

Have you rebooted? Turn it off and back on again should be the first step.

Hi Chris… Yes I have, multiple times… Just rebooted again and tried to open all the ‘stuck replays’ (with fingers 🤞) but still no luck

So I just finished another flight and this time the replay is stuck loading at 45% :(

Me too, I try to replay the flight I just did and mine is stuck on 9%, I restarted the device, I restarted infinite flight as well but no luck at all.

I have the same issue.
*not with a pro subscription

The replay files are very delicate and can be easily corrupted. Every once in a while, your file will be destroyed and it won’t work. There really isn’t a way to prevent this 100% of the time.

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