Replays Not Being E-Mailed

So I wanted to E-Mail a Replay to myself as a quick way to get the file on my computer, but after hours after the send, I still have not received this e-mail I used mail drop as the file was said to be too big, did that have something to do with it?

I phone is an iPhone 7/7+

How are you emailing it?

Email sharing is not a function of Infinite Flight.

I press share and after an E-Mail option pops up so I press that and type in the e-mail address etc

Best way in my opinion would be to save it in Google Drive.

Here’s my flights:


You may need to compress the footage before you are able to email it to yourself. There are many apps that can help you with this.

Is it in your sent items?

hmm I might have sent it from a wrong e-mail address hang on let me try a different one

No doesn’t seem to be in my sent items

It worked for me, but…
I suggest you Share the Replay from IF, choosing to Save to Files.
I say this because when I opened the email of the Replay I sent to myself I had to save it locally before I could open it anyway 😆

if you save it to files, how do you get those files on your computer?

You can see the file names on your computer, but you won’t be able to open the files on your computer no matter how you save them. They are proprietary file types that you will only be able to open in Infinite Flight.

I save to a folder on iCloud Drive.

Here’s what you’re trying to do:

Email the file to yourself so you can save that file to your cloud.

Here’s what cuts out the needless middle man:

Save the file to your cloud from IF.

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