Replays lost after updating to 23.2

Hi all,

Recently, I noticed that many of my replays that I flew before 23.2 are no longer available. The flights are still shown in the new logbook, but the replay button is faded. All the flights in question are solo flights.

I did not delete the app at any point in time, nor did I delete any of the replays prior to updating to 23.2. I merely updated the app to 23.2, and then to 23.2.1.

Any help is much appreciated!

Hey there, could you check if Infinite Flight app has access to your storage? And which device do you have?

Were these flights flown on the same device that you’re checking the replays on? Replays can only be seen on the device they were taken, unless downloaded or shared.

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Hey, yes the app has access to my storage. I’m using an iPhone 13 Pro.

Yes, the flights were flown on the same device.

Have you reinstalled the app at any point since April 2023?

No, the app has always stayed on my device, precisely because I was concerned the replays would be lost since they are stored locally.


In all honesty, the likelihood of us being able to get the replays back are quite low.
However, it would be good to know why…

Could you please do the following:

Go to Settings → About in the app.
You’ll there find a row on the left side that displays device model + app version. Tap & hold there for few short seconds until you’re prompted to send diagnostics. Please do so and let me know when you have.

I have done that. Thank you.

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I’m afraid there was a reason for this which was not super known.
Unfortunately there’s was a legacy issue there so when the new UI was introduced, it went incompatible with the “SOLO” replays.

Terribly sorry here, but not much that can be done.

Thank you for the swift investigation and update. Bummed that my replays are gone, having put in much time to fly those landings for my future videos. Nonetheless, I am glad that the issue has been identified and is made known to you guys. Hopefully future releases will not have the same issue (or at the least, an advance warning can be given to users prior to updating). Thanks once again.

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Thank you for your understanding!

I would however regardless always recommend backing up important replays in the future. As long as they’re locally stored within the app, it’s never 100% safe in terms of app updates.