Replays have Disappeared

So I was making a Timelapse and I come back to get some more clips. And there all gone but one. Idk how this happned but it’s super frustrating?

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Greetings, Kason! Did you delete and reinstall the app recently?

oh god…

no i didn’t genius.

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If you’re gonna respond like that to someone trying to help, and asking a VERY valid question, you don’t deserve the help. Sorry.


Please don’t be rude when we are just trying to help you.

The only two ways replays can “disappear” is if you delete them yourself or you delete and reinstall the app.

Also replays are local to the device. So you can only access the flight replays from the device you did those flights on.


bruh, he’s a good friend of mine and I was joking

yeah i just came back to IF and there all gone.

When you say “just came back to IF” - have you only just reinstalled the app?

nope, I was editing a timelapse

Did you see this? Just trying to cover all possibilities here…

yes, i was editing on the same device.

Standby. Just want to test a theory…

So have I got this correct?

You did some flights for a Timelapse. And those replays appeared fine in the replay menu?

You then went away from the app to do some Timelapse editing and when you went back into the app they were gone.

Is that correct?

yes, correct.

And you are absolutely sure you didn’t delete and reinstall the app at any point in that time period?

Or that you didn’t manually delete the replays yourself by accident?

yep. positive

Did you delete any other replays (that you weren’t necessarily using for Timelapses)?

nope. didn’t even touch the delete button. The game froze for about 5 seconds then all of the replays just completely vanished

Ah ok. Haven’t heard of the app freezing causing replays to vanish before.

@schyllberg (sorry for the ping - but can you shed a light on this?)

I need to sleep now…


When in doubt, just redo the flight ig