Replays don't work

Device: OnePlus 7T
Operating system: Android

Hello, I am unable to view replays / replays don’t work in the logbook session. I can see the flight is completed there however when I hot replay all I can see is the aircraft standing at the gate and that’s the whole replay.
I’ve attached a file for reference. Share My Infinite Flight


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Hello @Arish_Mehta and welcome back to the community!

This issue is currently being investigated as there have been several other reports of this.

To brief it up, what happened is that your replay-along with your flight-had something go wrong and added months-even years-of additional replay to your file. I will shortly attach some links to other replay issues below.

Unfortunately, it does seem that the specific replay is corrupted permanently-however, check to see if it affects your other replays as this is usually a one-time issue.

Links to other recent replay issues
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Hi Arish

It’s a well known issue, and they’re looking into it so for the moment as far I am aware there’s no update for the fix and I suspect that will come with the next update.

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Thanks Guys. Will wait for a fix.