Replays broken?

OK. I need some help here. For some reason all these replays are broken. I actually had more replays than these but I deleted in order to view these cause there where to much. Are there any solutoins for this cause I want to post all these flight in the community after my subscription is gone on the 14 of April. But I can’t take any screenshot cause it’s broken.

Hi @Infinite_flight_HD

Can you please elaborate a bit more on this issue? What exactly is broken? Is there an error when you want to open them, is the scenery loading incorrectly, …?

Thanks 😊

That’s what I meant. It doen’t shows me the flight instead it launches me 50 000 000ft into space.

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… and unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done. I’ve looked at a few files like this and they’re a lost cause…


Thank’s for the Info anyway.

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