Replays and Subscriptions

Hello everyone,

I don’t currently have an active subscription to Infinite Flight (IF), but I would like to watch my previous flights that I recorded when I did have a subscription. I have stored all my replay files in Google Drive to save space on my device. I was able to watch one of my previous flights with the A380 after the update, but I encountered difficulties when trying to watch other flights, especially those with the A330, ERJ-175, and others. However, I was able to play a replay file with the 777 successfully. The loading screen gets stuck with the background sound still active. I have already tried restarting both the app and my device multiple times, but it hasn’t resolved the issue. I am using an iPad Air 3rd generation, which is updated to the latest iOS version.

I would greatly appreciate any help or clues regarding this matter.

Thank you.

I believe that the way that the system is set up it thinks that replays are actual sessions so if you don’t have pro you might lose access to those replays. If anyone has more info on how the system works feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
As for why some work and some don’t, I have no clue.

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That’s the point. Why was i able to watch the flight done with an A380 while i couldn’t do the same for others 🤷

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