Replays and Logbook Issues - PiReps affected

Hi, I’m a pilot and a member of the Cathay Pacific VA (CXVA), and due to some personal reasons, I forgot to file the PiReps for a couple of flights just after I completed them. We are told to file the PiReps just after completing a flight.
Being a high school student, I fly back to back flights and forget filing the PiReps, thus saving it for later.
When I filed the 8 old remaining PiReps (of my old flights), The PiReps manager and the CEO asked me for a screenshot of the logbook for proof, but when I reviewed mine, I found out several glitches, missing flights and N/A as destination in several flights.

I knew this issue, and always used to take a screenshot of the “Flight Rating/Stats” popup which appears just when you end a flight, As I knew that the logbook was unreliable.
The issue is that the VA staff are only accepting logbook screenshots and not the Flight Summary ones where the actual flight time is mentioned.

I can understand their issue and their need to follow the rules of the VA- And I’m not criticising them at all- just telling that my PiRep verification is supposedly paused untill I send them the logbook screenshot, and unable to log flight hours due to this.

I have huge respect for the VA staff, and they have always been helpful to me so don’t want to complain about them or criticise them but Is it possible for you to convey my message officially to them- Citing the issue of glitchy logbooks with missing flights so that they can understand my situation and accept the flight rating instead of the logbooks? Or maybe sort this issue completely out?

I have attached a few pics of my logbook for your reference.
Few of the issues are:
VHHH-YSSY in 51 mins
VHHH-VHHH has a flight time
Many of my flights have destination (N/A) even after flying for 10+ hours
Many of my flights are not recorded it my internet cuts out during landing or between my flight.

This is the flight rating i’m talking about.

I hope you understand my situation
Thanks and Regards

Device: iPad 6th gen
Operating system: iOS 17.1.2


These flights that look “odd” to you in the logbook, could it be that you’ve used flight resume? Using that will for the time being cause multiple and sometimes “non-logical” entries in the logbook. We’re working on improving that.

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And what about some flights not being registered to the logbook at all?
In some flights, I haven’t used the flight resume thing. I can understand that there might be errors, but could you relay this to the CXVA CEO ?
I’m being summoned continuously for absolutely no reason at all- not being my mistake.
Have a great Day !
Thanks and Cheers

If they’re not being registered at all, then you most likely did not have a working connection since those flights are logged server side (online flights).

You can just point that CEO to this topic. We won’t interfere with VA operations.


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