"ReplayKit" to be able to recording from iOS

For iOS you cant record a video.
Until if you use ReplayKit

Where is the download link?

App developers should add some API’s to include this feature in their app.

You can not download it. A good example of an app using this in the IF environment is Infinite Pilots, by @lollip.


Do you need a Jailbroken iPhone?

No, you just need the developer to add that API into the app.

Anyway I use Airshou

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I’m using it too but I hate it that you can’t mute you’re Microphone


Same…I always go to a quiet place…(My room)

You can hear my fingers touching the screen…😂


I know I sub your channel

Ok, :D well, that’s why I’m not doing Videos with the game sound ;)

@infiniteflightplays @FedoraPilot use editing software and mute the audio. If you have a joystick also you want need to tap.

I’m usig iMove but when I mute the microphone the game sound is muted too

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Same I use iMovie to

Use QuickTime guys

It would be amazing to have this implemented into the game.