I just found out that I cannot do replays if I’m not on β€œPRO” 😭😭😭😭

You mean to watch them or to make them?

You still can, they just have to be solo replays

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Online Replays, can be replay with an active suscription but if you haven’t got an active suscription, you can only replay Solo replays.

it looks like a tongue twister

If you are referring to the fact that you cannot view live replays without an active subscription, this is completely intentional. Solo replays can still be viewed without an active subscription depending on the aircraft in the replay.

No, #support is for is for app issues. General is fine :)

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I mean for other opinions.

If you had pro and no longer do, you will only be able to view replays that are in the free regions.

For example if you do a flight in Texas and then your subscription runs out you will not be able to play the replay. However if you had a flight at LAX you will still have access.


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