Replay zoom in speed

It’s taking me a lot longer to zoom in, in free cam whilst in the replay, than before the update. Trying to zoom in using the entire screen only zooms in a fraction of what it did before.


Things like zooming and free cam were tweaked in this update by the developers.

The zooming is really slow though compared to be before. Its taking me too much time to get the perfect shot.

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Yep, I am having this same issue. It is pretty hard to zoom in.
Despite the zooming issues, the freecam is literally a billion times smoother.

I am pretty sure the developers are aware of this as well.

Hopefully it could be fixed soon.

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Slow is relative. Perhaps before it was a bit too quick and the devs optimized the app buy controlling the speed settings. Likely the result of improving this feature.

I do highly recommend the revert the speed or make it a bit faster.

Another new little feature they added was a new way to zoom in. Try holding the right side of your screen then tilt your device back (Zoom Out) or forward (Zoom In). Makes zooming in/out much easier in my opinion.


Woah woah woah, that is literally next level. Thank you for telling me this. I will you that sooo much more often.

OK so that works. But after a couple of seconds the menu disappears so its just the plane.

That’s because you’re holding down on the screen.

Holding down on the screen for three seconds removes the UI - good for screenshots!
Hold back down on the screen for another three seconds and the menus will magically re-appear.


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