Replay - Whole Video Doesn’t Load Up

I’ve tried to watch my whole 9hr flight from Honolulu to Brisbane and it doesn’t come up on the replay. I thought that it’s probably from the storage but it couldn’t be because it is a normal thing to show the replay of a normal flight. Someone plz help me

What shows on the replay bar?

Did you encounter any connectivity issues during the flight?

I saw one message about the live server experiencing issues? Is that gonna affect?

Only the takeoff and nothing else after

Yes. If you disconnect from the server, the replay will pause until you connect again and if you completely disconnect then the replay will end there

So is there anyway of getting that replay back? Cuz if I can’t, I wasted 10hrs of my time …

Does it just say that you disconnected from the server and after that does it just end? Unfortunately the amount of replay you have at the moment is all you’re going to have.