Replay Timelapse

Did a 15 hour flight, after the flight, when to replay expecting to screen record while using the fast forward button just to find out… there is none ‘_’ It got removed… so then I said oh well and saved it as a video only to find out that isn’t an option. So currently I cannot save my replay as a video in any way as apple has a limit on how long videos can be recorded… I just want those 2 features or even 1. Of course, if you have any other solutions like upload to this site or something, please tell me. Thank you IF devs! Votes appreciated!

Ya, I noticed that too and it is kind of disappointing that you cant fast-forward flights :(


I was wondering that -


why did you remove da fast-forward button ⏩⏩⏭


Yes, I agree.

Check here:

#6 may help you 😉

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No, that’s just moving the timeline, not doing a time lapse or saving it as mp4.

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We want something that will like keep it playing, just faster.

It’s not going to be saved as an mp4. It’s not a video file. Being a data file is so much less restrictive than a video file. You can create a video file from it by using screen recording or other tools.

I doubt anyone wants to watch 14 hours of you cruising anyway, so why not capture the takeoff and climb out, jump ahead to a little bit of cruising, then the landing?

No, that’s not the point, you would save it as mp4, then speed it up in places that you want to be sped up, for an example, see Pocket Rishi’s YouTube channel.

You would end up in a 5 minute video

You can make it longer if you wish.

That’s not what we’re looking for.

Change name to “Replay Timelapse” for it to be more simple to understand


Agreed. This would definitely encourage more people to come.

Thanks for the advice, I did that.

Because of the way the new replay system works, it makes fast forward hard to do properly


Fair enough!