Replay Time Of Day Issue

Hello IFC. Yesterday, I did an flight from VCBI-EGLL (Ul505) taking off at night and landing around 9 in the morning. When I finished I was so excited to try replay. I did and everything worked fine, except for one thing. As I spawned in at VCBI on the replay, the “current time” setting that I put it at spawned me in at the actual current time at that moment instead of at night. It was in the morning and the entire replay was done in the morning when majority of the flight was done at night. Does anyone know a solution or a fix to this. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks and safe flying! 😁😁

I’m pretty sure that it still follows the current time if I’m not wrong.

Hi, just go into your settings and set the time. This is adjustable in the Replay settings menu. ;)

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But shouldn’t it automatically start on the time I took off and landed?

It is flexible to allow you to take pictures at different times of day.


I have the same issue, so how do we make it so that the replay starts at the same time the flight started at?

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The exact time the flight started at is not given.

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