Replay (The whole flight)

I think that in an update that you can


Take a replay of your while flight instead of a specific amount of time

We already have replay?


I couldn’t finish

Why don’t you just record it?

I don’t have a screen recorder. I wish but I don’t.

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Are you using an Apple device ?

Well, you could use if you are okay to fly with laggy conditions. I hope you don’t say yes. No one likes lag right? The reason why the IF will being laggy when you record whole flight is because recording is running all the time while you are play or flying and it is using background memory on the device, so if you are running massive app IF and at the sometime you record the whole flight. Guess what!? app will crash or can run very very very laggy or slow. Anyway, if we can use IF on PC or Mac this will be a good feature!

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