Replay taking forever to load

When I open my replay file to get some pictures my replay is stuck on the loading screen any help?

I am having the same issue too. Maybe try restarting your device?

Depending on the size of the replay and how much has to be loaded in, you can expect a longer loading time sometimes.

If it’s still stuck on the loading screen, try restarting your app real quickly. Usually does the trick for me.

It’s a 1 hour flight

When I did that it went onto the actual replay screen but went back to the loading screen

Is it just that one replay, or are there others doing the same thing? If it’s just that one replay, you may have a corrupted replay.

There’s a trick me and @Ecoops123 discovered about this issue. If you wait a little bit of time and when the time is over. You click where the pause button normally is, click that area rapidly a few times. And it should load up soon. But, in order to do this, you have to wait for the pause menu to pop up.

how long does that take?

Like 5-10 minutes for the pause button to load up and then for the rapid clicking on the pause button like a few seconds


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