Replay System, Share doesn't work

Hey, there guys, i have a very big problem with the New Replay System of Infinite Flight, after i made a fligh it gets recorded that’s normal, then i want to share it i click on it, i have the file manager “ES File Explorer” i wanted to save it with this, after i clicked on it, it says “This operation is not supported!” and then i want to try something other i click on “Share” then it automatically says again “This operation is not supported!”, i today made a flight from LFPG - EHAM i flew the plane by myself all the time i wanted to share it and now the replay is “dead”, for myself i can play it, but i can’t export it anymore but on other devices it works, and now i am very sad about this, i made the flight on an other device because it is not so laggy then and i have better perfomance there, this was the first time i have seen this
Even restarting IF doesn’t help, and if i uninstall it, obviously it is gone
and restarting the phone also deosn’t work

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Try to use this and download it:

how?, if i can’t export the replay file?

I also use ES file explorer and I didn´t have any problem with it. Have you checked in internal storage>downloads?

yeah, nothing there from infinite flight

Send a screen shot of your options after you press share.

The problem is that by selecting ES it is trying to open it with ES.

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I´m flying right now, can you give me 2 hours? After landing I will see how I did it as I downloaded a replay a week ago, but can´t remember. Otherwise if someone who reads this can help him in the meantime.

i can’t do a screenshot it just gets a black screen for a very little moment then it comes “This operation is not supported!”

What device are you using?

Samsung S6 Edge
Android 7.0
Like all of my devices have 7.0/7.1, the device where it works is 7.1.2

I am referring to the Android screenshot, not the IF screenshot.

yeah i know, i can’t make one

I´ve tried to save my last flight replay and it says me ``exporting replay file, please wait´´ I wait for five seconds and then ES file explorer opens. Can´t help more, sorry for that, I hope some of the staff can help you. Good luck @TheSwissPilot

that’s now really strange,
i made a flight now on solo i clicked on the NEW replay file, then i clicked on share, and again, “This operation is not supported!” that is really strange, and on my other device it works with the same stuff i click and make, any ideas what the problem could be?,

i have a idea i just uninstall “ES File Explorer” then i try it again, when it doesn’t work i install it again, i’ll say if it works

ok, the problem is solved i need to use google drive then it works, ok, but still thanks to you guys trying to help me!
Have a great day!
Regards, TheSwissPilot

I shared my replay on iOS 12.1.4 on iMessage, I sent it but it didn’t want to open, Strange though

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