Replay System Question

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If I load a replay, then turn off wifi, will I still be able to see the replay in it’s entirety? This is because I want to get rid of as many notifications as possible so I can screen record it for a video. So, although I could go through turning notifications off for everything, that will take a while. So, will it work? Or does it need internet?

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No, the scenery and other items still need wifi to load. If you’d like to screen record the replay, just set your device to do not disturb or turn off notifications altogether.

You’ll still get notifications if your phone is on with Do Not Disturb. That is a setting so your phone doesn’t ding or vibrate while your phone is off.


Alright, might’ve been a mistake then. Turning off notifications for the individual apps in question can prevent that from happening.

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Ok, thanks guys. Yeah, I would have just put it on Do Not Disturb but yeah, you are right. Thanks!

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