Replay System Glitch

Did a landing at VOHS with a FedEx MD-11 on solo mode. Went to check the replay to find out I was going space shuttle status. Also, it said I had a Network Issue when I didn’t. I use an S9+ with the latest firmware

Well, if it did say you had a network issue, it was probably a network issue.

Also, if you move to random points of the replay, it takes a second for the replay to load, and it might do some funky stuff, like float around, move rapidly, etc.

No, I know I didn’t.


First of all;
Thanks for a good laugh. I needed that.

Regarding the issue, i suspect this is related to you using the short final option here. I haven’t messed around with it that much myself, but it seems reasonable :) We obviously need to work a bit on that.

Cool, cool.

It seems you were going to Mars but game has diverted you to Moon.

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I suspect Elon Musk is up to something 🤔


I never got to go in space with the F-22 and look at you, took the MD-11F there. unbelievable😂😂

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