Replay session issues

During replay the nosewheel doesn’t turn when I turn the aircraft on the ground.

Also for some reason everytime I play a replay session the aircraft either floats up or sinks down and has a “Network Issue” error message and I have to fast forward 15 secs or click anywhere on the replay timeline for it to go back to normal (all these happened before pushback at the spawn point). Help.

Are you pausing it? Or it at play?

No, the video is running and I never paused it.

Why would pausing a video cause the aircraft to sink or float up? Wouldn’t it be “paused”?

This needs to be looked into. This needs to be fixed. It’s annoying to see the plane float up/sink down and its nosewheel not turning when it’s supposed to.

Hi Cavan,

The floating you’re describing happens when the replay session is just starting as it loads data from the server. How is your internet connection? I suggest restarting your router.

In addition, if you start a Live flight, is it loading normally?

I don’t think my internet connection is bad because I had full strength Wi-Fi and could access live with a green circle. I have to select a random time stamp in the replay timeline for the floating to go away, and the floating doesn’t go away if I don’t do anything and just let the replay session run normally, which it wouldn’t because the aircraft keeps floating up and up with ‘‘Network Issue’’.

It’s not just a particular flight. Every flight saved under replay experiences this issue.

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