Replay , screen Rectangle

How can we destroy the rectangle on the left side of our photo screen while looking at the flight replay? :(

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U can change ur UI view at the bottom, or u can press and hold on the screen

I noticed that awhile back when I made a screenshot topic. I thought it was just me

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Hey there, this is an issue that the staff have noted and are working on a fix. In the meantime, if you were to reduce your screenshot resolution scale to ×1 instead of ×2 or ×4, the rectangle in the top left corner should be gone.

Given this issue is related to the way the atmosphere interacts with light in relation to the time of day and is only seen in one frame, dropping the resolution scale to ×1 would avoid the need for stitching images. That said, it does come at the cost of having a lower overall resolution. Nonetheless, it is a perfectly functional workaround until a longer term fix is made available.


I’ve been working on these photos for more than 1 hour. The temporary valid and effective solution for this situation, just make the time 1 minute forward or backward.
The next photo you will take will not have a rectangle on the top left. ✅ :))

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