Replay scenery not loading

WiFi is fine…

Try clearing scenery cache in settings and retrying :)

Try clearing the scenery cache and reboot the app! That should work just fine. If not, delete and reinstall!
Edit: Make sure to share/download the replay first, otherwise it will be deleted.

Uh well if the OP wants the replay maybe suggest other ways. Before that. Sharing the replay. Then maybe doing that…

@Mattheus if it’s a replay glitch, deleting the app will just get rid of everything, if it was in the actual game that’s different but replay glitches are different in a way, you can’t just delete the app and it’ll be fixed, itll all just erase lol.

Sorry for the tag. Didn’t want to make a new post

Whoops, meant to say that. I don’t use replay much.

I tried clearing scenery cache but hasn’t made any improvement. I guess I’ll have to delete/reinstall

Wait. If you do that, it’ll disappear. No replay. It could just be a corrupt scenery file that downloaded wrong.
We need more information. Device, is the device up to date? So on and so fourth

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Yeah, try rebooting the app instead. I guess I am just dumb and have no tech knowledge.

It’s doing it on all replays.
iOS is up to date if that’s what you mean.
I tried restarting the app.

What kind of device?

iPhone XS Max

Can you check once more if you’re on a strong internet connection? Try switching available networks.

Is it through the whole replay? or just the one part

Are you on “High” graphics?

Internet is fast so not the issue
Seems to be most of the scenery that are not loading at all and some loads after a few seconds lag.
Yes, graphics are on the highest setting

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