Replay problems

Hi! I’ve been having problems with my flight replays for a long time. This issue was only on long flights where the replay file size was larger than 30mb. As of this last update, even on short flights with files below 10mb I can’t load the replays.

The problem is in the generated file, because I send the file to friends to open it and they can’t open it either! And when they send me files even larger than 30mb I can open them on my smartphone without any problem.

It was suggested to me in another topic that I opened a few months ago that I reset the smartphone to factory default, reinstall the IF, put all the graphics settings on the bottom, clear cash from the IF and Smartphone before each flight and monitor the connection of network, which could be one of the probable causes of the problem.
I performed all these procedures in addition to testing on another wifi network and with the 4G connection and even then the generated replay did not open.

I took a 2h flight between Denver and Los Angeles. I was all the time monitoring the connection with the SYSTEM STATUS box open!
At no time the connection was lost and the SYSTEM STATUS box was all the time with all items checked in green.
Coincidentally, another pilot made this same route and I was watching the point of his aircraft that was appearing on my screen all the time. At the end of the flight, the replay with 15mb size didn’t open on my smartphone and it didn’t open on my friend’s Iphone with whom I shared the file!

My Smartphone:

Redmi note 8Pro Global
128Gb of ROM memory (79Gb free)
6gb of ram memory
android 10
Miui 12.0.8

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Somebody help me!

Hi! I’m not an expert on what devices are still supported for Infinite Flight, but this may be a case of your device not being fully supported for replays. Again, I’m not 100% on this, I would like someone to confirm or offer a different suggestion to fix your problem.

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Thanks for the info my friend!

Anyone else with a suggestion? Some replays work, others (mostly) don’t!

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