Replay Problems

Hello! I recently encountered some problems in the replay. When I was using my iPhone SE and trying to replay my flight, it turned out that my flight will hop into the air or sink to the ground when I start my replay. I have tried to reload the file and it works only for 1/5 of my files but most of my files occur the same, is there anything that I could to fix it.

Below is a picture of what happened if I ignore the device.


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Hey, perhaps you put it I
on #support:espanol by accident?


You might have disconnected at the time of the flight. There’s no real way of fixing this as the replays are consistent data files. Your best option is to try to maintain a stable connection throughout the duration of the whole flight.

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For solving the issue…

Maybe try to clear your cache scenery and clear a bunch of your device storage

But I think most of my time is with a stable network, so I don’t think it is the issue.

But I think mine is a support issue on replay function, so I think support is a good place to have?

My phone have around 10GB of storage left, so it should be fine.

This usually occurs when the session the replay is from, is paused for a longer time period causing a disconnect or if the session paused for longer time period.


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