Replay problem

So I’m having problems with the replays. I did a few flights each a day apart but some reason I’m only able to review only one flight even tho i flew multiple times. I used to be able to review the other flight right after I completed them but a few days later I can’t review them anymore?

Can anyome help please.

Phone: Samsung galaxy note 9

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Did you perhaps do the OMDB-EGLL flight on a different device than the one you are using to find the replays?

Nope all on the same device.

The only thing I did was delete the game an reinstall it again because I was having issue with the scenery for some reason the scenery wouldn’t load in and I couldn’t see the taxi way. I tried to clear the scenery cache but that didn’t help so I did this.

Do you think that this could be the problem?

This is the reason your replays are missing. Deleting the app deletes all replays too.

Unfortunately, unless you have them backed up somewhere (Google Drive, iCloud, etc.), there is no way to get them back and they are gone for good.

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Thank you for the answer.

This is just great I was about to post them.

You can close it.