Replay problem

Hey IFC! I have been having a problem with deleting my replays

My game has been super laggy lately i think its because i have so many replays, in the past i have been able to just delete them all at once but i am having trouble doing that, and i really dont feel like deleting all of them because that would take hours because i have so much of them. So is there anyway for a Moderator to delete all of my replays?




Unfortunately there is no current way to bulk-delete replays without reinstalling the app. This is something that the team are aware of. We’re unable to delete replays for you, as they are stored locally on your device. I hope this (somewhat) helps. :)

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Is there a delete all button, because i have seen it in the past but am having trouble finding it.

The options to select multiple replays and delete them was removed in the last UI change. It’s something that the team are aware of, and should fix when they are able to attend to the issue. :)

Unfortunately no you best option is to delete them one at a time.

Dang thats unfortunate that they removed it, it was soooo useful. Well i better start deleting them, this might take an hour or so!

Or you can just delete and reinstall IF it automatically deletes the replay

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Will that delete my progress

What do you mean by progress ? Like XP , landings , flight time ,etc ? If so no it will not

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