Replay Problem

Hi everyone since the new uptade 23.3 I can’t watch my replay of my flight
I desinstall ans reinstall the app but nothing happened .
When i want to see this message spanw

Pls help me!!!

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I would like to add that have encountered this problem recently, I couldn’t access my 2 latest replays.

I also have had this issue

did you have a solution

It means what it says. The replay file is corrupt and can’t be loaded. There is nothing you can do about it.

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No I didn’t have a solution.

Also I don’t think this has anything to do with this, but the replays that are corrupted are from International long haul flights

@Zetfree thanks for sending your replay, we’re looking into a fix for this :)

thanks you so much @Cameron

hi today i do a new flight Dallas Miami 2h and the replay is also corupd

today i do London to Beijing 9 hours and the replay upload and i can watch but not for the replay Dallas Miami

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