Replay problem

Hello there!

For the past few days the replay system is kind of being wired
This happenes in most flights, long hauls and short hauls

The Problem

I open up the replay, give it a second to load, after loading this happens

It just stays like that
And then after 30 seconds the game crashes

I have tried

Restarting Infinite flight
Restarting IPhone
Trying to clear RAM to see if that would work
Trying to load the replay again


iPhone 7

2gb RAM

Problem has been going on for every flight for the past

I am on Wifi that is pretty good


I load replay, no Bar or anything shows up, game crashes after 30 seconds,

Usually, when this happens, I just go to my home screen and re-enter the app (without closing it). You can try that, though I doubt it’ll work as it seems like it’s more serious in your case.

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It may be that the file is corrupted. Do all your replays do that?

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all replays do that

How much storage do you have available on the device?

Currently I have 9GB

just going to bump the topic a little

Maybe you have to delete all your recordings. Try that and see if it works for your next flight

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The infinte flight recordings. Go to delete. Delete all

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Ahh sorry

All was deleted when this was happening

You can also star the ones you want to keep. And just delete the unstated

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Hope it was nothing important. But, I hope you can recover the files.

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Hmm it seems to be working again…

@moderators you can close this

will PM you guys if it starts happening again :D

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