Replay Plane lag twitching issue fix

Is anyone else having the problem where ur on free cam in replay the plane goes back and forth like twitching idk if it’s lag but when I do it in free cam it doesn’t twitch in regular mode when ur flying and not on replay mode any solution to this problem other than a fix for now?

Hi, so the replay feature takes the data from the original flight and then pulls that data in during replay. It may take a few seconds for aircraft positioning to settle in and synchronize.


I forgot to mention this has been a thing since the last like few updates where either I’m trying replay on solo before this update and the plane goes back forward again it twitches when I’m on free cam it’s how it is when ur flying with a person and their WiFi isn’t good probbaly but why does it do it with your own plane as well it’s smooth while your flying on your own wether it’s solo or live and not on replay can I request a fix for this :(( tryna get some smooth video clip dots but I can’t :( I’m not sure if u know what I mean I will try and pm u a video in a bit @Levet

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Solo was a bit different when compared to the most recent update. The new replay system is far superior to the previous in app Solo Replay. You can see a little twitching it’s worst than this most the time idk y this is super smooth now

Can anyone help me with or is this because of m WiFi or data I’m using or is the game because when I’m in formation with other people it’s just bad looking to your side you got a plane have a seizure

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