Replay overhaul

Hello everybody! As an Infinite Flight YouTuber, i love the replay system, i use it daily!
but i think it could use some more features and fixes in the future. i have a few ideas for that!

Time lapse mode:
Recording Timelapse’s take up a lot of time and storage on your device, what if we add a Timelapse feature to speed up the process? My idea would be a separate bar beneath the UI scale, showing 2 - 5 times speed along the bar. Even if it will be slightly laggy, you’d still probably speed the clip up more anyway, the 5-times just helps make it faster

Aircraft syncing
Often while looking back on the replay your aircraft doesnt move as realistically as while flying, it seems like looking at someone else’s plane. So better syncing could allow more realistic movements, take-offs and landings.

General bug fix
The replay system often has bugs, such as not loading aircraft livery textures fully or taking forever to load, a bug fix could help solve this issue.

Thank you for reading, i hope this could be achieved though project metal in the future!

Great idea 👍

I think it should also be possible to actually check things like airspeed, altitude or G-Forces while replaying. I sometimes do flights where some maneuvers turn out to be steeper than I wanted them to be and it would be very nice to be able to actually check how bad it was afterwards


Replays should be accurate enough to one day also be called IF’s black box!
So far, we also lose scenery experiences during replays i.e. cool fogs by the valleys at sunset as it did not lock our full flight information. Jason had talked about this awhile back if I remember correctly.

But imagine...

…when one day that perfect replay, things that can’t be implemented live could be viewed at playback. Everything that OP explained above plus more, such as lights, city lights, rain, snow, camera lens and depth of field, realistic contrast and color correction… could probably serve as good testing ground as flights have already been recorded - would make for an amazing surpriseful experience every time we play back our flights - it’ll be like a movie!

Maybe the devs could figure out ways starting from this feature request.


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Same Idea I had but there are some problems. Loading Scenery at a fast rate will be hard to do which can cause the device to heat up or even crash the game. I support your idea but I don’t have a vote for it.