Replay of your first flight.

So I know that there are a lot of topics relating to “How was your first flight” or “What was your first flight” but I was wanting to se all of your all’s first flight replay file.

How to do it:
Go to and upload your first replay in Infinite Flight.

Looking forward to seeing them!

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Your first replay isn’t really your first flight at all. Firstly because when one reinstalls the app, the replays get deleted. Secondly, my first flight was in 2014… wayy before live replay was even around, can’t upload that I’m afraid!

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Maybe you could do your last recorded one on your device.

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That’s what I meant…

Replays didn’t even exist back when I got IF!

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Same here.

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Live didn’t exist when I got IF

My first replay was a flight from KSFO-KPAO (Sorry @BigBert10)

Does anyone remember half moon bay and how you were like restricted to that airspace No SFO for you😂

Live did not exist when I got IF!

My first flight was EGLL-EGBB in the Fly-Be Q400

Damn, you guys have really been around for a long time.

My first flight in Infinite Flight was from Jakarta to Singapore, or at least it was supposed to be.

Well, I flipped over on takeoff and that was the end of it.

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