Replay not working

When I try and open a shared replay this message occurs. Any ideas? I’m importing from iCloud like the tutorial says and I’ve retried multiple times with different versions of the upload. My phone has plenty of available storage.

How much storage space do you have can you send us a photo.

I have enough to fit a 13mb replay that’s for sure

Have you tried restarting the app and device.

Yes multiple times

This isn’t your replay right is it from.

Sometimes it isn’t fully uploaded there and the person who posted it might have to repost.

Whose replay is it? Yours or someone else?

I’ve already said I’m using iCloud.

Mine (10chars)

So you are exporting it and trying to re-import it?

Check the file format, it can be a wrong format that will not import.

Can you expand on this a little?

What do you mean by different versions of the same file?

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