Replay not working properly

Good morning @Stefan787,

Lately, there have been several issues with replays similar to yours. I post some links to other recent replay Support topics below shortly:

Here’s an issue that sounds very similar to yours:

Similar Issue

And here’s two issues that have to do with replays but seem to be a different problem:

Another Replay Issue
Last Replay Issue

Note that all of the above Support topics were created in the last week, there are probably more replay issues further back.

Try to move using your 15 second skipper button. A prevalent issue there is is that your replay is corrupted, by having months, or even years of “replay” in the replay. Usually, this happens if there is some sort of an issue with the automatic tuning to ATIS.

The reason your bar is at the end is that your actual flight time constitutes a tiny portion of the months (or years) the replay file has.

Could you disclose the server you were in?

Finally, does the game crash whenever you access or play around with your replay?

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