Replay not showing

Hi team, today I’m facing one problem and I want to know how it is possible. I can’t see my replays and after restarting device I can’t see only 2 replays.

Did you uninstall and reinstall Infinite Flight recently?

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Did you deleted Infinite Flight?

If you delete Infinite Flight, all replays will be deleted even when you reinstall it.

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No I’m not reinstall or uninstall I have no need to see replay any time but today when someone told me send reply and I’m come to reply section there is no replay showing

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Odd. The only reason why replays should disappear is if you deleted then reinstalled the app or deleted a bunch of replays.

Did you accidentally delete all your replays bar the top two as that can happen if you aren’t careful what buttons you are pressing. I’ve done it more than a few times.

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No buddy in not delete anything

I don’t know but I’m not press any button or click

And when I’m restart my device I’ll get two Replays

Are you sure you are using the correct device and account?

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If you do use 2 different devices for the same account the replays don’t transfer from one device to another (even if they are the same account). Both devices only store the replays of flights that were used on that certain device.

If you do get back to us and let us know if your using a second device try going back to your other one (if you can) and checking to see if your replays are on that one.


Thanks buddy

Replay not here but few days before I’m transfer few replay one to other device

It solved when I’m reinstall app thank you huys


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