Replay not showing up glitch

I just completed a flight between KMIA and SCEL, it was a good and almost perfectly done flight it was really smooth and had nice scenery on approach.

But when I ended the flight and went to replay’s it wasn’t there, I was furious now I have to do it again tomorrow this glitch happened to me a few days ago as well with a flight between KMIA and EGLL, I did it a SECOND time and thankfully it appeared after take 2.

If you know whats causing this glitch or if this has happened to you please let me know how to prevent it, I hate wasting my time like I did today.

Replays don’t typically delete themselves, nor do they get deleted in the event a flight is ended halfway either. You might have to restart your device or otherwise wait for it to be loaded since a flight from Miami to Santiago is quite long.

With long flights, replay files will be larger and typically take longer to compress and compile before showing up on your replay menu. If all else fails, please restart your device and try again.

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Adding on to the lovely response @LordWizrak provided for you above:

Replays that long could be processing after such a long duration using the application. Furthermore, it could also be a direct result of not enough bandwidth to load the replay or display it in a timely manor right when you complete the flight.

I would sit tight for a little bit, and monitor your network connection, device storage, battery, and maybe even give your device a restart (you can also reload the app itself). If all fails after this, feel free to shoot us another message here. :)

Okay, I’ll try that!

I’m no developer, but I believe that replay processing post-flight is all done locally. I don’t see why it’ll be done server side, then sent to your device, only increasing the bandwidth requirements when it could so easily be mitigated.

From my basic understanding, Infinite Flight requires internet to conduct flights control, use multiplayer, solo, and in turn load replays. Unless downloaded I believe, it’s not going to be processed fully. Again, I might be wrong. Infinite Flight overall according to my device runs on a decent amount of bandwidth in general, and led me to the hypothesis that other Infinite Flight features such as replay mode will follow as such.

Once again, not a dev either, so I don’t know the official answer to that query. :(

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