Replay Not Saving

With the arrival of the A359, I figured that I might as well learn to grease it so I went into solo mode. I did a pattern and then went back 20 seconds twice so that I could get 3 landings in about 2 minutes. I went back to review, and the replay was not there. I then tried this in a 739 and A318 and it worked in both of those.

Can anyone help? Is this an A350 problem?

Device: iPhone 7

How much storage is remaining on your device?

Approximately 106.4 GB. It has 128 GB of storage total.


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Is it a continuous issue or just a one time thing?

Just with the A350, I will try again I guess.

I tried again and it worked. Probably a glitch.

Probably. 🤷‍♂️

If it does come back multiple times then just make another support topic

If this doesn’t get closed I can probably just add onto this.

It will definitely be closed. Either by a moderator or it’s time out period… possibly.

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