Replay Not Saved

Hey There,
I Just Finished Flying From LEBL to EDDF and I Was Going To Take Some Shots From The Replay However It Was Not Saved.
Any Reasons?
I Have 7GB Of Storage Left

Did you exit the app immediately after finishing the flight

Nope, I Did Not.

Does the flight appear in your log book?

It Appears As If I Departed From LEBL But Did Not Land ( I Landed 7C )

Did your power go out and we’re you connected to cellular or wifi when you ended the flight or go out with the device during the flight

No, I Started And Ended On The Same WIFI, Place.

Did you leave the app or take a phone call during the flight

No, I Left My iPad During Cruise To Do Some Stuff.

I have had it happen to me before but my app crashed.

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Oh, Just To Mention, I Was Using In-Flight Operations (If That Helps.)

It shouldn’t affect it, what device do you have

iPad Air 2

So your graphics settings are low I guess, was it busy at the arrival and departure airport.

I Play With All Graphics On Medium And I Was The Only Aircraft Landing. (Only 1 Was Taking Off)

Did you try restarting IF after it happened

Yes, I Did It Twice.

Is your time set correctly as it might have saved thinking it’s an older replay file because of the date.

Yes, Synced With The Clock On Google.

Just check every replay file but don’t open them and see if ones your flight.

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