Replay Not loading

hey Everyone, I am sure this question was asked before but mostly related to the older versions 20.1 etc. Ever since the latest update came out 21.1, I have been facing issues replaying some of my flights even for those as short as 10 minutes or less. The flight replays for my flights before the 21.1 update works fine even for those that were at least 6 hours long. Is there a possible reason it isn’t loading as I have not encountered such issues until the latest update. Thanks

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Not sure but your files may be corrupted

I think your issue may be similar to that of this topic:

No staff member has yet commented on this issue, and it has only occurred once in a blue moon. I suggest you take a read and any suggested corrective actions as described in the topic above.

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Hey Thomas, welcome to the forums. I’d recommend placing this under the “support” category. That way more people who help in support can assist you.

Thanks, I deleted and downloaded the app again and its working fine now. Probably too many replay files on there

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