Replay not Loading

Hello IFC I would like to say that I am having issues with loading my replay. Before you say its a duplicate the problem doesn’t really matches with the other topics.
So lets say I do about a 1 hour flight and when I’m done I try loading it but it doesn’t work. It only works when I spawn at short final of an airport. People usually say it takes about 25 seconds to 3 mins and My internet is strong. About 3 days ago I did a long haul and I literally waited for 30 mins so it could load and it didn’t so I gave up. Please help me if you could Thanks!!!

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Did it just stay at the page of “loading” or what was the actually issue? Just not working?

I mean it would just stay on the loading screen and wouldn’t load in the replay

Yea thought so, that just happened to me this morning. I quit the app the re-loaded the replay and it worked.

I tried that but it still wouldn’t work

Is it possible you have too many replays? Maybe delete them all except that one or delete the ones you don’t want/need.

I only have the replay from my last flight

Try saving it to your device and viewing it from there?

I haven’t tried it since I dont have my device but I will get back to you soon if it works

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Can you tell us the space available in your device?

well I have 32 gbs and after I did the flight I tried removing some space for the fie. The file is 84.25 MB and got about 30 gbs

Did you already try to reinstall? (saving the replay obviously)

Well I dont know how to save the file cause if I reinstall it would lose the file but before this happened about a week ago my If kept on crashing so I reinstalled it

yes I have

A restart won’t help I tried it already like 5 times

Oh weird… But like @USA_ATC mentioned please continue this topic there:)

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But the solution isn’t similar which is why I created a new topic…

How could I save the replay file??

This might help you save the file…

ok I will see