Replay not load

I just finished a flight in my beloved Brazil, and another replay that hangs on loading … this time it stopped at 49% … is there no solution?

Can you try restarting your device. And how is your WiFi?

Cign :)

This started to happen after I started using a better cell phone … there is no problem with Wifi and there is no use … will it be some storage configuration or something?

Could you restart your device and tell me how much storage you have. It’s possible the file may have become corrupted.

Cign :)

Edit: it looks like you only have one bar of WiFi. Is this normal.

Disregard the WIFI bar, at the time of the print I was not at the place where I simulate with the complete WIFI.

I have more than 100gb free rom on this phone. How do I know if the file is corrupted or how do I fix it?

If your replay is corrupted then it simply won’t load. Unfortunately there’s no way to fix this and the replay is gone for good.

The most common cause of a corrupted replay is dodgy internet connection as mentioned before. Perhaps try flying on Cellular if it’s available to you and see if the issue still persists.

The fact is that the problem does not happen with all replays.

I can not accept that the problem is the internet, because the speed of my internet is always the same, however, now this problem of locking the loading happens.

The coincidence is that the problem started last Thursday, the day that I started using a better cell phone with more memory and etc … so I imagine that the problem could be in some memory configuration or any other. …

Which phone do you use now?

I’ve never seen a replay being corrupted because of a user’s device. I still suggest trying it out on cellular just to be sure it’s not a connection related issue.

  • Log out of infinite flight
  • Reboot your device
  • Launch IF
  • Log back in
  • Try your replay again

If it still happens would you be able to share you replay file?

The problem persisted, see if you can access, please @Chris_S

Redmi note 8 pro / 128gb rom 6gb ram

Thanks for the replay. It locked up on me at the same point and I forwarded it onto the developers for a deeper dive.

So far it is throwing and odd exception which typically means something happened while it was writing to the file. Your replay is corrupt and unrecoverable I am afraid.


Okay, it’s a shame! I missed the replays of flights and wonderful events with my group! But the pleasure in simulating will be like before this replay feature, after all, no pilot could see a replay of the type in reality, right? hahahah

So, what I have left is to wait for some feedback or official post talking about it, right?

We are still looking into it.

Hello @Chris_S i want to update you on replays.

For a period, most replays were carrying normally, from short to ultra long replays. However, in the last week they have had many corrupted replays. Today I realized the unusual, some replays were possible to view the first time, on the second attempt the same replay was corrupted, unable to watch.

Do you have any advances on this problem?

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