I have a problem with my replay-mode.
When I fly everything works totally normal. But when I end the flight and go to replay-mode. The replay-mode doesn’t open. Anyone knows how to solve this.

Thank you in advance!

(Sorry for my bad English)


By saying you don’t open the replay, is it that you can’t see anything?

Clear your cache, or delete any other replays you may have. You can clear your Cache by going into settings -General- and 2nd last on the list clear scenery cache. Providing that does not fix it, delete the app (your sub will be there) and reinstall it. And dont forget to delete any old replays you may have. Some of these files esp the ones with res set to high can be quite big. So give that a try and let us know. and welcome to the community.


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It stays stuck on the loading screen

I’ll will try it! Thanks

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I’ve had this issue before, your replay is file is destroyed.

Yep, as Ahmed said, something in the file has corrupted, causing it to not open properly. Sorry about that :/

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Read more here.


Same thing for me, the replay opens but the airplane disappear in the floor, impossible to watch it. Did you find any solution ?

Thank you,

A few other people have that the replay file is corrupted. Which is most likely true unfortunately. However, I find if you tap around the bottom right corner in the loading screen, it opens the pause menu, you then press resume and spam touch around that area to continuously open and close the pause menu, and sometimes, it loads the replay file. Sounds farfetched, I know, but it has worked a few times in my experience.

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This method of clearing the chace works for me!!! Thanks Alan!


No issues mate! Have a good day.

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Do u press play replay then u wait like ages for it open but still doesn’t open

Yes, that’s exactly what happened. But after the hint to clear the scenery (clear cache) it is over! So if you experience the same problem you can try this method.
Good luck!

This happens to me some times, I get stuck on replay loading screen. But when I restart IF the replay loads perfectly, I don’t know if it work with you too tho

What do u mean

No, it doesn’t work for me. Only the clear cache method!

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