Replay mode while in Solo. Vote?

Hello all,

I love that we can now see a replay of our live flights! I think this is a great edition!

One piece of feedback I have is on the removal of the replay button while in solo mode. I use solo mode to simply practice flight with different airplanes. The use of the replay button was very convenient to quickly review the skill I was practicing. The ability to go back and go live in the replay to possibly retry a skill was something I loved.

Maybe I am missing something on the new install, but if I’m not I am bummed out this capability was removed during solo mode. I always felt the solo mode was there for practice, and being able to replay and redo skills all on the same session seemed ideal.

Possible we can consider adding this back into solo mode?


Thank you in advance



The replay function is still there! You have to exit out of your flight and on the home screen you will be able to find all your replays. Now for the button during your flight, yes it has been removed unfortunately.


This has been posted as a Feature request:

Consider casting a vote.

You can do 20 seconds back, that feature is still there.

Theirs still a replay function in solo mode, if you look at the list it will either say, solo or multi-player.
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Luke 😉

It was very convenient for me to practice a 10nm approach and Landing in solo mode. You were able to watch your landing. Go back 3 minutes and practise on and on again with the same airplane at the same session. Now its more difficult to practise, 'cause you have to leave the session… watch outside … start whole new depature … pattern … and land again … to watch … and start all over again.

I love the update on onlinE replay, but the solo change was unfortunately a “bad” change for new pilots practising…

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